Saturday, October 19

Workshops organized in 2013-2014

7 September 2014, Workshop on the Euro-Mediterranean: Challenges and opportunities for the future of European order, Sabanci University.

13-14 March 2014  Young Scholars workshop, workshop where a group of young scholars and recent PhDs present their work on various aspects of European integration. 

Workshops organized in 2012-2013

28 May 2013  Sabanci University-CEU workshop on the Euro-Mediterranean, co-organized by Meltem Muftuler-Bac and Uwe Puetter mainly for graduate student paper presentation.

4-5 October  2012      - Sabancı University - CEU-Sabanci Workshop

-Workshop on "Reclaiming Impetus for Turkey-EU relations", co-organized by Peter Balazs, CEU, Ahmet Evin and Meltem Muftuler-Bac, Sabanci University, was held at Sabanci University on October 4-5 2012.  Multiple papers were presented by participants from both institutions.   

Workshops organized in 2011-2012

 1  June  2012      - Sabancı University -  Jean Monnet Graduate Student Workshop

On June 1 2012, the Sabanci University Jean Monnet Center of Excellence (SUCEES) organized its first Graduate Student Workshop on the European Union and New Global Dynamics.  Please click here to view the Jean Monnet Graduate Student Workshop Program. The Workshop report is as follows:


16-17 February 2012 - Sabancı University -  Jean Monnet Curriculum Workshop

Please click here to view the Jean Monnet Curriculum Workshop Program